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Welcome to my photo blog! I specialize in family outdoor and natural light portraiture in Denver, Colorado. My style is clean, soulful and sincere. Please visit me my website at www.lenakarabushin.com for more information.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maternity Photo Session: Masha

Masha and I debated whether to go on with our carefully planned and long-awaited photo session of her first pregnancy because outside, a blizzard was invading our city, and I wasn't sure how bad my drive to her house would be. Since Masha's due date was looming close, I decided to chance it, and, boy, am I glad I did (I got there and back safely)! Looking over these photos, it is even hard to believe that it is snowing hard outside the window. Masha looked stunning and so feminine!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Family : Jillian and Co.

Oh, how I loved photographing this family! It was truly an honor to capture this Mom and Dad playing with their two young daughter. The love, the tenderness, the awe, the silliness. There was no posing for the camera, no anxiety for the children to behave and smile. There was a lot of play and hugs and kisses and leaps. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

College Senior 2014: Nika

Yes, a senior photo sessions, but Nika has just graduated from DU. She plans to go to P.A. school, and I have no doubt that she will. Nika is an ambitious, determined and passionate student and person. Did I mention she also beautiful? We share love for an excellent cup of coffee, so a photo shoot at one of the quaint Denver coffee shops on a warm and crisp fall day just made sense.

Lace and Sunset : Vika

One beautiful summer evening, my niece Vika and I drove to a nearby park for a photo session because... we couldn't let all the beauty not be captured. On the way to the park, we go pulled over by a cop, but the photo session was just meant to be because he let us go after saying, "I hope you still have enough sunlight for the photo shoot!"

Monday, July 7, 2014


Watching my cousin play transports me into the world of wonder, silliness, tenderness and innocence.

Senior 2014: Eric

Great things await Eric. He has this amazing engineering brain, and many top-notch colleges were dying to snatch him off. He is also very funny, so our senior shoot was filled with laughter and jokes. For an upbeat, energetic session, we headed to LoDo, with its industrial elements and strong lines.

Senior 2014: Leo

It is no secret that high school boys feel rather lukewarm toward senior pictures, especially POSING for senior photos, and most of the excitement comes from their mothers, understandably. Leo, however, did not fit the mold, and that's what made our photo session so memorable. He cared about his senior photos, he was determined about the location, and he didn't need to be accompanied by his parents. It was a beautiful summer evening at a quintessential Colorado location, where you cannot avoid getting a good workout (I did!).