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Welcome to my photo blog! I specialize in family outdoor and natural light portraiture in Denver, Colorado. My style is clean, soulful and sincere.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Kayleigh Senior 2017

Kayleigh is a busy senior! She is a stellar student. A rockstar Girl Scout. A dedicated dancer. An avid traveler. But with everything that is going on her life, Kayleigh is a sweet, thoughtful, and kind girl. I love spending time with her and her wonderful Mom. I am always impressed with how mature Kayleigh is - she is ready for college and adult life. I also love Kayleigh's sense of style, timeless and playful, just check out the dress she picked for her senior photo shoot! Kayleigh's whole family showed up for the photo session, helping us with the outfit changes and carrying my gear, and we went on shooting even past the sun setting behind the mountains with the light turning velvety and soft. Kayleigh, you will do amazing things in the future, and I know you will make the world a better place. You are beautiful.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Michael Senior 2017

As most teenage boys, Michael was not as excited about his senior photo shoot as his Mom who is a wonderful woman I've known for many years. In fact, my son and her daughter have been in the same schools since Kindergarten! I digress. Michael bravely weathered two photo shoot locations and three shirt changes, and pretty soon his shoulders relaxed, and he started smiling. But it wasn't until he brought up his favorite club, DECA, that his eyes sparkled and another side of his personality emerged. Michael spoke with excitement about the cool things they do at DECA and insisted that my daughter should try it too. So we talked and took photos until the sun went down. I am so happy he is graduating. Michael, follow your passion and be true to yourself.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Magen and Joey Seniors 2017

Magen and Joey are my favorite twins. While they are both sweet, confident, and smart, they are also so different in so many ways! And I love that. Joey has a dry sense of humor. Magen is poised and persistent. They teased each other all throughout the photo session, and I couldn't help but crack up at their jokes. I have been lucky to capture this family's photographs for several years, and it was interesting to see Magen's and Joey's usual playfulness mix with glimpses of mature, serious sides of their adult personalities. They are already doing amazing things and have accomplished so much. Good luck, Magen and Joey, on forging your own paths and creating your own destinies.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Maya Senior 2017

Maya's smile is so inviting. She asks a few questions, laughs, and it feels like you've known her for years. She's a performer, a singer, and a stellar student, with a big heart. Our photo session began on a typical Colorado late afternoon: it was sunny and hot, but big dark clouds were moving quickly in our direction. We were one hour into the session, Maya rocking every pose, when the skies opened up, and we ran in the downpour to the nearest shelter. The rain left as quickly as it came, and we came out for more pictures, marveling at the beautiful, rich colors of the grass and the trees after the rain. What we did not expect (but should had!) was the swarms of mosquitoes! Maya was a real trooper holding her poses while mosquitoes mercilessly attacked her. I think we lasted another thirty minutes, but it was getting unbearable (I had mosquitoes bites all over the back of my neck), and we had to say goodbye. I cannot wait to hear all about Maya's accomplishments and successes. She's got the spunk and the tenacity to reach her dreams and more!

Vika Senior 2017

My niece Vika is graduating from High School next week! She has become a beautiful, strong, smart young woman, and I cannot wait to see what she will accomplish next, in college, and beyond. Vika and I drove to Castlewood Canyon last spring for her senior photo session. She was my only senior client to request an early-morning session, and we arrived as the sun rose above the rocky canyon. This spot is a great little hike that takes through the canyon and down to the creek. We hiked, chatted, stopping here and there for photos, but it did not even feel like a photo session or a job because I love spending time with my niece.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maternity Photo Session: Masha

Masha and I debated whether to go on with our carefully planned and long-awaited photo session of her first pregnancy because outside, a blizzard was invading our city, and I wasn't sure how bad my drive to her house would be. Since Masha's due date was looming close, I decided to chance it, and, boy, am I glad I did (I got there and back safely)! Looking over these photos, it is even hard to believe that it is snowing hard outside the window. Masha looked stunning and so feminine!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Family : Jillian and Co.

Oh, how I loved photographing this family! It was truly an honor to capture this Mom and Dad playing with their two young daughter. The love, the tenderness, the awe, the silliness. There was no posing for the camera, no anxiety for the children to behave and smile. There was a lot of play and hugs and kisses and leaps. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

College Senior 2014: Nika

Yes, a senior photo sessions, but Nika has just graduated from DU. She plans to go to P.A. school, and I have no doubt that she will. Nika is an ambitious, determined and passionate student and person. Did I mention she also beautiful? We share love for an excellent cup of coffee, so a photo shoot at one of the quaint Denver coffee shops on a warm and crisp fall day just made sense.

Lace and Sunset : Vika

One beautiful summer evening, my niece Vika and I drove to a nearby park for a photo session because... we couldn't let all the beauty not be captured. On the way to the park, we go pulled over by a cop, but the photo session was just meant to be because he let us go after saying, "I hope you still have enough sunlight for the photo shoot!"